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Patio cleaning in Easton, Maryland by Knipple Powerwash. This brick patio in Easton, MD had a bit of algae growth and a bit of staining from dirt and plant debris left for a while. The results of powerwashing this Easton patio show how stained bricks can be brightened and revitalized. Knipple Powerwash can give your brick patio a similar pressure washing facelift.

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The fact that brick and masonry is available in a myriad of colors along with how slowly algae and stains form sometimes makes it difficult to see how far along either have gotten. It becomes real obvious if something has been covering a section for a while and it gets moved. The side-by-side comparison is starkly obvious at that point. Power washing will clean the patio to bring back the colors originally intended.

Algae feeds on the minerals in brick and masonry. Over time this weakens the surface and breaks it down. If left long enough the surface will begin to crack and crumble allowing moisture to permeate the surface. This along with winter temperatures can can cause the bricks to break apart and leave the patio rather unsightly. Regular power washing of the patio surface will prolong the life of your patio as well as maintain it's value.

Easton, MD has some nice brick and stone houses that have been standing for centuries and some have not been maintained and cleaned regularly. These are the older houses that have signs of crumbling masonry and some even look unsafe. Pressure washing regularly not only can but will prevent this type of deterioration that can cost a lot to restore. Easton patios can benefit the same from regular cleaning and power washing your patio is the easiest way to save in the long run.

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Easton Maryland patio in need of cleaning after power washing the patio in Easton
Easton Maryland patio in need of cleaning after power washing the patio in Easton

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