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Knipple Powerwash can help you retain or even reclaim the value of your home.
Roof stains or gray faded decks can lower the value of your home, a good roof cleaning will help. You don't need to replace your roof because of dark streaks or black stains on your roof, a good roof cleaning brings the beauty back to your roof.

We can NO pressure Soft wash dark patches from your roof shingles and have your whole roof looking like new.
We can pressure wash (aka power wash), stain and seal your wood which will bring back the color and contrast that looked so nice when it was built.

Maryland and Delaware roof cleaning professional tip:
Only NO pressure roof cleaning methods
are safe enough for cleaning your roof.

Knipple Powerwash uses a "no pressure" power washing method for cleaning roofs all over Delaware and Maryland's eastern shore. Only a no pressure power washing method of roof cleaning is safe for your roof. That is why only a No Pressure power washing method of roof cleaning is approved by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturer's Association (ARMA) and our 5 year warranty ensures you will be happy with your roof.

If you live in Maryland MD or Delaware DE and have a roof....
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Brick and concrete patios or walls also need periodic cleaning to remove plant stains, and dark patches due to algae. We can have your masonary looking like knew. Sometimes it is best to put a sealer on masonary as well as wood after pressure washing. Not so much to protect the bricks from moisture but more to protect the brick or concrete from stains.

While it is known we power wash or pressure wash houses, roofs and gutters or decks, docks and fences... but we can also pressure wash commercial buildings or entire fleets of vehicles.

No pressure power wash roof cleaning in Maryland and Delaware
Power wash deck, dock or fence cleaning in Maryland and Delaware

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